Alumni Spotlight: Hawker | Around the Rink: A. Paul & M. Islam

LESLEY HAWKER – “Standing Ovations”

It’s 2002 and I am a 20-year-old skating in my first national championships ever.  My debut is as a senior and I have been shadowing Jennifer Robinson, in hopes that whatever she does will rub off on me!  I never made nationals at the novice or junior level and as I stepped onto the ice for my short program I breathed in all that amazing energy that comes only at the Canadian championships.  The music, the cameras, the judges and the crowd.  I don’t remember being scared (that feeling only creeps in with years of experience).  I hit my opening pose and the music started, I seemed to float through the two opening jump passes.  I came back to earth when I almost fell on the flying camel but continued to push through and finish with a clean short.  My hands flew to my face as soon as the music ended.  I watched my coach jump up and down and I bent forward crying, laughing and amazed that I had done it.  And then the real surprise, as I went to take my curtesy everyone was on their feet.  A standing ovation.  Standing ovations were always my favourite reward. Continue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Hawker | Around the Rink: A. Paul & M. Islam”