Episode 7: Joyce Hisey

Ann Shaw, Skate Canada Alumni Committee member chats with Joyce Hisey about her experience as a Team Leader at the annual senior competition in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Joyce Hisey

The 1952 Canadian Silver Dance medallist from Toronto went on to become a long serving and effective volunteer and official, leaving her mark on the sport of figure skating from the club to the world level. A judge for more than 40 years, she evaluated thousands of young Canadian skaters at tests and competitions. First elected to the CFSA Board of Directors in 1977, Joyce served as the Chairman of the Officials Development Committee for many years, and contributed to the revision of ice dancing technical manuals for judges and coaches.

Named an International Skating Union referee in Ice Dancing in 1978, her assignments included officiating at many Canadian, International and World events. Her latest contribution was serving as the ISU Technical Delegate for the highly successful 1996 World’s in Edmonton. She was appointed to the ISU Dance Committee from 1984-1992.

She has served on the ISU Council since 1992. A volunteer on many CFSA committees, Joyce was a team leader at numerous competitions, including the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo. Figure skating chairman of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, she received the Alberta Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution.

Joyce is a Skate Canada Hall of Fame Member and is an ISU Honorary Member since 2002.

4 thoughts on “Episode 7: Joyce Hisey”

  1. Hello,
    We have just listened to Joyce talking with Ann Shaw about her memories of her team leader days. Wow, did that bring back many, many great memories of our travels with her as coaches. They were certainly wonderful times spent in both St. Gervais and Oberstdorf.

    Thanks Joyce, we really appreciate what you have done for skating!

  2. I have so enjoyed listening to Joyce and Ann on this podcast! What a great theme: the era of la Coupe des Alpes, spanning the 2 competitions of Saint Gervais and Oberstdorf. Joyce set the standards for the role of team leader, paying attention to the “team” of skaters-coaches-judges. I would like to know how many of us out there were among the “green” group that Joyce speaks about. Saint-Gervais was my very first international competition as a judge and Joyce led me through that experience with her combination of kid gloves and direct/common sense. Memories of that 1st competition: the rink was open at one end and the moist atmosphere clouded up the figure ice at about skater # 15, so that we as judges could barely see the tracings and by skater # 25, we couldn’t even see the skaters’ feet!! Plus we sat on a grassy slope to judge the free skating, struggling to manage our caddy boxes with marks! Joyce just made us feel that we could judge just as well without the nuisance of the feet and tracings, or a chair and table for free skating: “you know your skating!” she would say. Joyce saw me through that unnerving ISU exam also – she knew just what to say and when to say it. Joyce — remember the spaaaaa in our Oberstdorf inn? Something about mud as I recall…… And that plane “event” out of Heathrow…. fuel dumping, name stickers — but nothing as terrifying as that elevator…. Thanks, Skate Canada alumni team, and Alex for these podcasts. So much fun!

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