The past can inspire and encourage the future.

Welcome to the Skate Canada Alumni blog!

Like many of you, members of the Alumni Committee can look back over our skating careers and feel honoured to have represented Canada on the international stage. Now we feel fortunate to be giving back a little time to the sport we all love. Add up all our hours involved in skating and together they combine into nearly 300 amazing years of skating experience as competitors, coaches, officials and volunteers … so we like to think we know our way around a rink!

The Alumni Committee’s mandate is to build creative initiatives to foster long-term engagement with our Alumni. That important work also includes developing innovative opportunities to celebrate the tremendous history of our alumni, the decades of success they have achieved and the contributions they have given to our sport.

During our skating careers, we’ve been privileged to make friends across Canada and around the world enjoying the common adventures and stories we all share. But events where we can all get together are few and far between with rare occasions to renew and resume our friendships. And our shared history, sadly, has often faded into the past or even been forgotten.

One small part of a larger initiative to answer that challenge is the creation of the Alumni Blog. By regularly offering news, opinions, stories and activities written and presented by our alumni, our goal is to celebrate how important they are to the past, present and future of skating in Canada.

Thank you Alumni for our amazing skating history! Let’s share our stories with the world!

2019-2020 Skate Canada Alumni Committee

Cathy Dalton, Heather Kemkaran, Emery Leger, Frances McLellan, Dylan Moscovitch, Ann Shaw, Barry Soper, Debbi Wilkes and Nicholas Young

2018 Skate Canada Alumni Brunch in Vancouver, BC