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As the world faces the challenges from a global pandemic and the enormous change in how we communicate, the Alumni Blog and the work of the Alumni Committee are more important than ever to help us stay connected!

Like many in sport, figure skating will face changes this season. The traditional skating event schedule will look different with many events being cancelled or postponed, and along with that, opportunities for members of the skating family to renew friendships and to develop their skills will be altered.

In good news, organizers across the globe are using their creativity ­- and technology – to build a new vision of what the skating world may look like in the future. Top of mind remains how to maintain a safe environment for participants and fans while ensuring the sport continues to grow.

The 2020-2021 competitive season may have empty pages in the history books, but what can never be erased is the incredible accomplishments of our alumni, their stories, their adventures and their contributions.

By regularly offering news, opinions and experiences written and presented by our alumni, the blog’s continuing goal is to celebrate how important their successes are to the past, present and future of skating in Canada.

Thank you all for joining us on the Alumni blog. A special thank you to our Alumni for creating Canada’s outstanding skating history!

To all our Alumni, if you’d like to tell your story by contributing content to the blog, contact Skate Canada at [email protected]

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Cathy Dalton, Heather Kemkaran, Emery Leger, Frances McLellan, Dylan Moscovitch, Ann Shaw, Barry Soper, Debbi Wilkes and Nicholas Young

2020 Skate Canada Alumni Brunch