Episode 26 – Marilyn Chidlow

Featuring Marilyn Chidlow

In this month’s alumni podcast, Debbi Wilkes welcomes former Skate Canada President, Marilyn Chidlow.  Marilyn is an Alberta native who has been involved in every level of skating volunteering including the local club level, the National Board level as the Skate Canada President from 2000 to 2006, and attending the Olympic Winter Games. Marilyn not only remembers her first steps on the ice but also some of her greatest challenges and successes as leader of Skate Canada. Continue reading “Episode 26 – Marilyn Chidlow”

Episode 25: Patrick Chan

Three-time Olympic medalist and 10-time national champion

Patrick Chan is the most decorated male figure skater in Canadian history.  A three-time world champion (2011, 2012, 2013), a 2018 Olympic gold medalist in the team event in PyeongChang, he won two Olympic silver medals in the men’s event and team event at the Sochi games. And in January 2018, he won his 10th national title to break the all-time record held by Montgomery Wilson since 1939. Continue reading “Episode 25: Patrick Chan”

Episode 24: Emanuel Sandhu

Featuring Emanuel Sandhu

Two-time Olympian and three-time Canadian champion, Emanuel Sandhu describes himself as a perfectionist with a two-sided personality.  Recently he and Debbi Wilkes chatted about his life and career, even the COVID pandemic could not suppress his optimism, curiosity, and love of adventure. For Emanuel, ballet and skating were perfectly intertwined both in his soul and on the ice to create an unforgettable combination of athleticism and artistry.  Join Emanuel and Debbi for this revealing and inspiring conversation. Continue reading “Episode 24: Emanuel Sandhu”

Episode 23: Manon Perron

Featuring Manon Perron

In these days of multitasking, there is no better expert than today’s guest on the Alumni Podcast, Manon Perron.  Manon has mastered it all, from being a skater, local/national and Olympic coach, team leader, mentor, and now as a Skate Canada Advisor to the High Performance Program.  Her energy and passion for the sport and for developing skaters’ skills beyond the ice, and her contributions to high performance are immeasurable.  Manon and Alumni Chair Debbi Wilkes caught up recently to talk about Manon’s incredible career and her continuing dedication to skating in Canada. Continue reading “Episode 23: Manon Perron”

Episode 21: Don Jackson

Featuring Donald Jackson

All champions contribute to the sport of figure skating, but only a few change the sport in significant ways. In this edition of the Alumni podcast, our greatest champion, Don Jackson describes his skating life before, during and after his historic triple Lutz back in 1962. From recognition at international skating hot spots… to the local arena… Don’s life has been dedicated to skating and to the people who have supported him in his quest to be the best at every level of involvement.  Enjoy listening to Don as he and Debbi Wilkes share some outstanding memories. Continue reading “Episode 21: Don Jackson”

Episode 19: Sandra Bezic

Featuring Sandra Bezic

This month, Debbi Wilkes visits with a champion, coach, choreographer and visionary, who many claim is the originator and architect for Canada’s worldwide reputation as a leader in choreography and artistic expression. Sandra Bezic began her love for the sport at her local rink learning to skate alongside her brother Val Bezic… the start of what would eventually become a Hall of Fame career which takes her around the world designing programs, shows and concepts that have changed the face of skating. Continue reading “Episode 19: Sandra Bezic”

Episode 18: Richard Gauthier

Featuring Richard Gauthier

Competitor, coach and Alumni Committee member Nic Young chats with world-renowned pair coach Richard Gautier.  Together they explore Richard’s skating career and what attracted him to coaching, in particular, pair skating.  You will discover that Richard’s success in skating is based on more than what appears at the rink. To explore his coaching philosophy, enjoy listening to Richard’s passion about being one of the world’s best. Continue reading “Episode 18: Richard Gauthier”

Episode 17: Jean Senft

Featuring Jean Senft

Retired official Jean Senft has been front and centre in the sport with a judging career which spanned events at her local club all the way to the Olympic Games. Her daughter, Lauren, a competitive international level ice dancer, retired and now a technical specialist, leads the chat where they both share memories about their skating adventures and discuss the special bond they share as a result.

Lauren and Jean Senft

Continue reading “Episode 17: Jean Senft”