Episode 17: Jean Senft

Featuring Jean Senft

Retired official Jean Senft has been front and centre in the sport with a judging career which spanned events at her local club all the way to the Olympic Games. Her daughter, Lauren, a competitive international level ice dancer, retired and now a technical specialist, leads the chat where they both share memories about their skating adventures and discuss the special bond they share as a result.

Lauren and Jean Senft

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Episode 16: Bruno Marcotte – Part 2

Featuring Bruno Marcotte – Part 2

Welcome to the Alumni podcast, this month featuring Part 2 and the continuation of last month’s conversation with Olympic Coach Bruno Marcotte as he chats with former national team member Nic Young. The two reflect on family, the future of skating, the positive impact of sport and how it has impacted their lives. Powerful, insightful and inspiring! Continue reading “Episode 16: Bruno Marcotte – Part 2”

Episode 15: Bruno Marcotte – Part 1

Featuring Bruno Marcotte – Part 1

This month’s podcast, we welcome two celebrated Alumni (in a two-part interview). In the driver’s seat and host this month is Nic Young, a former national team member, and his guest, national, international and Olympic Coach, Bruno Marcotte. With Nic having transitioned into coaching, the two chat about skating, their history and careers … and their competitive drive to motivate their athletes and in the process to advance the sport of figure skating. Continue reading “Episode 15: Bruno Marcotte – Part 1”

Episode 14: Jan and Cynthia Ullmark

Featuring Jan and Cynthia Ullmark

On this month’s alumni podcast, let’s welcome former national team member Norm Proft as he introduces, visits, laughs and reminisces with his former coaches, Olympic and World coaches Jan and Cynthia Ullmark. It’s an in-depth conversation with two of Canada’s most historic and celebrated coaches as they tell their stories and share their philosophies.

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Episode 13: Benoît Lavoie Part 2

Benoît Lavoie – Part 2

Last month we had the opportunity to listen in on the conversation between Skate Canada’s past President, Benoît Lavoie, and Olympic silver medallist Debbi Wilkes as they discussed Benoît’s early years in skating. This month it’s part two of the conversation when Benoît talks frankly about skating, its joys and its challenges and his role on the ISU Council.

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Episode 12: Benoît Lavoie Part 1

Benoît Lavoie – Part 1

Of all the individuals who have contributed to skating in Canada and around the world, few have the incredible experience of Benoît Lavoie. His skating career began as a competitor but it was his commitment as a volunteer which gave him the greatest satisfaction. National, international and Olympic judge, past President of Skate Canada and now a Council member of the International Skating Union, Benoît shares his adventures with Alumni Chair Debbi Wilkes in this first edition of a two-part conversation.

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Episode 11: Doug Steele

Debbi Wilkes, speaks with Saskatchewan’s Doug Steele, whose career in skating spans decades from learn-to-skate toddler to Skate Canada President. Along the way, Doug was tasked with developing the national and international competitive framework for what was to become Synchronized Skating. Continue reading “Episode 11: Doug Steele”

Episode 9: Dylan Moscovitch & Elladj Baldé

This season Skate Canada and the Alumni Committee welcomed two new members into the Alumni Family. This past January at Nationals in Saint John, two of Canada’s most popular national team members, Dylan Moscovitch and Elladj Baldé, renewed their friendship and reminisced about the experiences skating has brought to their lives Facing the end of their first year of retirement from competition, they also talked about their new goals … and through many giggles … shared how skating has prepared them for the road ahead as they both embark on new directions.  Listen now… Continue reading “Episode 9: Dylan Moscovitch & Elladj Baldé”