Episode 25: Patrick Chan

Three-time Olympic medalist and 10-time national champion

Patrick Chan is the most decorated male figure skater in Canadian history.  A three-time world champion (2011, 2012, 2013), a 2018 Olympic gold medalist in the team event in PyeongChang, he won two Olympic silver medals in the men’s event and team event at the Sochi games. And in January 2018, he won his 10th national title to break the all-time record held by Montgomery Wilson since 1939.

Think about the complex skills it requires to be the best in skating: power and acceleration, deep edges, body control, complicated footwork, rich and detailed choreography, and outstanding jumps and spins. Ten-time Canadian Champion Patrick Chan has them all… and he has pushed figure skating in new directions.

This month’s podcast with Debbi Wilkes, Patrick talks about his career, his retirement, his future, and the important time for reflection during the COVID-19 isolation, the longest time he has been off the ice since he started skating!

Most elite athletes are perfectionists… and Patrick Chan admits he is no different.  His drive to learn and succeed and, since retirement, he has a new appreciation for what is required to move into the next chapter of his life.  While he hopes skating will always play a significant role, Patrick is open to developing new skills and searching for his next great challenge.

As you will discover, despite the lockdown, Patrick is hungry to return to the ice.

February 16, 2018
PHOTO: Greg Kolz